From the Principal


Stephen Crossley – Principal

Portland Bay School is a government special development school for students with an intellectual disability, serving the western district community around Portland, Victoria.

The school aims to develop students that enjoy healthy, happy and productive lives by supporting students’ academic, social, personal and interpersonal learning in a safe environment.

The school values fairness, innovation, teamwork and persistence.

The school operates a senior and junior department situated on the same campus and provides comprehensive individual programs in communication and literacy, mathematics, physical education, the arts and life skills. Some of our specialist programs include work
experience, horse riding, community service, sailing, cooking,
gymnastics, camps, swimming and motorheads.

In June 2017 the enrolment reached 48-students.

The school provides a door-to-door bus service for all students around the towns of Portland, Heywood, Dartmoor and Tyrendarra.

I was appointed to the school in September 2013. I believe that
education is a vehicle to attaining fulfilment in life and schools should work to develop students to their full potentials
in partnerships with families and the community.

I would be pleased to take prospective students and parents for a tour of the school at any convenient time. Please ring our office to make an appointment (Ph 55232218).


Stephen Crossley


Portland Bay School