Portland Bay School provides an engaging and comprehensive
curriculum to meet the needs of all students.

The curriculum provides a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy, Communication Skills, Social Skills and Technology programs are challenging and extend prior knowledge and experiences for
students through innovative programs that ensure individual
learning styles are addressed.

Our academic programs include

  • Literacy
  • Health and PE
  • Numeracy
  • Technology
  • Art
  • Social skills
  • Life skills

Paramedical staff provide 

  • Speech Pathology
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Counselling

Specialist Curriculum

  • Bike Ed
  • Art
  • Gym
  • Physical Education
  • Swimming
  • Sailing
  • Camps
  • Riding for the Disabled
  • Interschool Sports
  • Work Experience and Pathways Planning
  • Volunteer program

Portland Bay School